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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 6, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> firefighters nationwide and of course right hhre in maryland spent today making one final push to fill that group. they spent the day in white marsh raiiing money for jerry kids.. it goes to the
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muscle d the a of course and help them go to summer campp >> graichlt i love comiig to work especcaaly during this week. everyone greets us warm hi with a smmle and thanks for doing what you are doing out there. >> last year tte city ann countyyfire departments raised ú88,000 dollars. this year campaign runs through 9:00 o'clock tonight. our sister station at cw baltimore has been airing the úelettonnaal day today and last night bounn to wrap up in a few morr minutes. jennifer is at studio b for update on the all important tote board jennifer. >> we are here where the phones have been ringing all affernoon. we have had a very exciting afternoon here locally for the muscular dystrophy telethon and i'm here with cal rom mda. have wed a grit day so far. >> so far so good. it has beee an exciting afternnon. a lot of exciting guests and money we see raising is very, very very exciting to us.
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>>reporter: late in thee% afternnon ww are over 800,000 dollars. we know last year we did top 1 million dollars here locally. boy we would love to top the number again wouldn't we. >> we have oor fingers we have to eep the phones ringing. right now in a little bit of a break but i tell you you wiil see the numbers, can i tall about a competitor. go to tv 54 watth the telethon and call innthose pledges. >>reporter: our sister station working tooether here with fox 44 and channel 54 worrkng hand in hand today for this wonderful cause and just tell us very quickly this money stays here locally. >> that's the most iionic thing about muscular dystrophy. we spend ttrree6 c1 times the amount of money we take in. we have research. hopkins with all the clinic and provide a the lo of services and appliances for the family. all the research
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money is precious. economy is bad. but we need the funds to continue and to get closer to these cures. >>reporter: cal thank you so much for being with us. -úthanks for all you do for the mda. we are working toward a cure today and in the mean >> okayygood luck folks. what absolutely perfect labor day -úweather wise. tony rejoins us now with the first look at the sky watch forecast. always good to see you. >> good to be seen. especially with weather like this. 83 degrees right now. that's the hhgh pressure at the inner harbor. high pressure today. dew point 59. that's a rral big thing to úotice today. we havv dew point in the 50's. that means it is very comfortable. it is dry. sunshine. blue sky. but nntice the numbers. the dew point increasing tomorrow -úso ironically get a little more summertime feeling as we go to the work week after this labor day. no rain onnthe horizon. goo to go way up to -úmanipulate' police and wwy down south so we are living
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large. you can see we have a but tomoorow how about aight repeat performance and today we add a little humidity. 66 degrees in the morning and 6:00 o'clock how about 83 and a littleebit. >> all right tooy ttanks so much. >> president programs to go put ameeicans back to wwrk in labor day speech in wisconsin. -ú announced a 6 year plan to rebuild roads, railways and runways. >> we want to set up an infrastructuue bank to leverage feddral dollars to focus on the smartest investment. we'll continue our strategy to build a nationallhigh speed rail network that reduces congestion and travel time and reddces harmful emission. >>reporter: the president new plan would cost 50 billion dollars. now here's our question of the day. do you approve the way the president is handling the economy? just go to our web site and tell us what youuthhnk. sound off through facebook if you wish. tweet at fox baltimore.
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text your answer to 45 2 03 and a.for yes and .for no and response may air tonight on news at 10:00. one area church wants to make sure chiidren have good more than 3000 bbltimore. students got a brand new pair of shoes today. given by the empowerment temple church. congregation spent the last 5 weeks collecting donation to make today event ppssible. >> this is really our attempt to raiss the self-esseem of thh young people of baltimore city public schools to try to cut in half the drop ouu rate so they will start off the school year wwth the best fat forward and clooe it the same way. >> the church received 17,000 pairs of shoes to donate to haiti riggt after that major earthquake earlier this year, that's how they came up with the idea. few extra pounds couldd% very well cause major health concerns. why it is very important to takeeoff whatever you put on during your summer
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break. >> and not the biggest hits in theaters. come up in tonight's low down. flick
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> if the number on the bathhoom scale went up over the summer, time to bring them down baak quickly. keeping the the weight in check when it comes to heart health. new study indicate young peoole who put on 9 pounds
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approximately rrise the risk for heart disease. more pounds even more risk according to dock tovrments abdominal fat is yet another indicator of heart problems. they weren't mainly hittin the movie theater but the low down patrice tells us new videeohope to have some success with films on dvd. >> i'm speed0. >> it's jennifer. it's just jen. >>repprter: this has the name that shoold have made ate success. ashton and catherine.. they play a married couple but he has a big seccet. if formee asays continue three years after the marriage he finds out he's the found friend. >> going to be a long day.
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>>reporter: afterrweak review it only brought in 47 million dollars. movie that did even worse, mmgruber. based on the "saturday night live" sketch snl star will play as bumbling operative who tries to bring down a villain bent on world domestic naichlingts i don't uss gun so i use home made explosive i made wiih my oon 2 -- no. no. better not be a joke. >>reporter: it only earned 8 and half million dollars worldwide. ouch. the do nut brother are guaranteed money makers. the disney ccannel movie camp rock 2 the final comes out tomorrow. think of ii as high school musical at summmr camp. catch up on 2 hit cw baltimore shows. super natural season 5 follows 2 úbothers and a fallen angel as they take on the devil army. soup natural season premier is september 24th. clark kent tries to embrace calling as
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hero ii smallville season then. this is now the longest running superman tv series. fantasy ilm high ef make over as well. star dust will -úbe released on blue ray. that's the low down. many yet another judge saying so long to "american idol"after months off% speculation kara confirms she's eaving the rogram. her ddparture follows simon who left back in may and ellen who left afterrjust one season. that leaves now randy the june able for thern at upcoming season. >> "american idol"needs randy jackson because he's one of the original "amerrcan idol"judges. his calm, calm, cool, collected manner really works well. people love randy as a judge. >>reporter: so who will sit in the judge panel next season? rumor has ii singer j.lo and arrow spivt front man steven tyler but fox still will not
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confirm a thing. ravens sign old faux. find out wwo the avens traded make rooo on the roster coming úp in sports unlimited. lue sky.
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welcomeeback. i'm kristen. just when you think the ravens are done making moves, moves, they briig in another big name player. they added to receiving ccre that already is a familiar face to ravenis fans. a one year deal worth 850,000 dollars. he was released ooer the weekenddby the seattle eahawks. most around here remember him from the days in cincinnati where he regularly torched the
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ravens. last year in seattle he had 799receptton for 911 yards aad 3 scores. to make room for him the ravens traded ffrmer first round bake clayton to the ram for undisclosed draft pick. and coors llght silver spotlight back for anotter season. ravens long snapper morgan cox side bar in essex. starts at 7:30 and join us and wear the purple and black tonight at the dock side bar. the orioles play in the second straight day game and after taking 2 of 33from the second place race the o's kkep momeetum goinggagainst the first place yankees. top of the seventh. game tiid at 3. brian roberts at the plate with twooouts. single into right field. patterson on his high horse. heading home. he úlides in safely. he throws to second. robert caught in a rundown and eventually tag out but the o's at that time lead
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4-3. bottom the 9th. the save and he freezings curtis -úto end the game. the orioles take the first game in new york 4-3 the final. we have complete coverage of the maryland navy game. the jets sign their corner back and its down coming up tonight onount sports unlimit. >> thanks so much. >> beautiful weether today hopefulll more on the way tomorrow. let's go to tony with the very latest sky watch >> well, jeff, i'll tell you when is the ast tim we had a labor day like this what a wonderful weekend right now we have 81 degrees. partly sunny skies. we said before the dew point nice and comfortable ttday humidity way down and we like it like that don'' we folks. how about 86 in the district. 88 hagerstown. cool spot 75 in oakland. let's take a look and see what we have out there. we have 81 for high temp. that's exactly where we had a perfect temperature today. i'll have a sunset tonight. 7:28. the days are getting shorter
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folks. yes. fall right folks. yes. fall right around the corner. but
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